The Torque

Uncomfortable moments

Growth and transformation are found through uncomfortable moments

Brace yourself – change is painful. Employing Torque techniques puts a mirror in front of your actions. Growth and transformation are found through uncomfortable moments.

Unfair advantage

Torque enables you to work smarter, not harder

And why not? Life (and business) is not fair. Torque enables you to work smarter, not harder by giving you the tools you need to achieve better results, with less effort, less budget, and in less time.

Unsettled success

Success is transient. Get ready to start again

Success is transient; tomorrow brings new challenges and targets. Torque empowers you to measure and optimize your journey until you show impact and gets you ready to start again.

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The Torque approach

  • Flexible ecosystem management
    We plug into your specific context, working with existing technologies, internal teams, and contracted agencies to manage the full ecosystem.
  • Empowering your independence
    We act as the client, an extension of your internal team, and ensure the systems, workflows, and partnerships to establish and enable your independence.
  • Balancing advice and execution
    We are not just advisors; we are ready to manage the execution of your strategy, simply because we can guarantee the output.
  • Building internal capabilities
    We develop your needed internal capabilities, ensuring knowledge transfer is prioritized during our transformation work.

The Torque paradox

We empower your business to such an extent that you don’t need us, or any consultants, anymore.

We connect marketing and business goals to create and sustain value for your business. Through an integrated ecosystem of internal and external capabilities, alongside key tech and platform partners, we empower you to be competitive, self-reliant, and future-proofed.

The bottom line is...Torque's success is found in your bottom line. Huge savings mean your business is equipped to solve the new challenges tomorrow brings.
And, we always know when we’ve succeeded: it’s when we’re no longer needed.