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Advisory & Strategy


Change is your only constant, and it’s uncomfortable. With Torque, you have expert advisors and partners on your growth journey.

We define your end-to-end digital marketing transformation, incorporating advisory, operations management, and implementation that covers people, processes, and technology. We focus on impact and keep things simple. 
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Digital Marketing Transformation
  • Assessing digital marketing and integrated analytics capabilities
  • Delivering strategic digital marketing framework and aligning multi-year roadmap with commercial goals
  • Defining your digital marketing operating model
  • Managing transformation operations and objectives
  • Enabling a digital-first culture defined by continuous upskilling and learning
Measurement & Attribution
  • Advisory across marketing effectiveness and efficiency to ensure multichannel growth
  • Full analysis of end goals and support in setting and reaching the right KPIs
  • Expertise in complex measurement, attribution, and advanced analytics methodologies
  • Data-driven solutions, enabling successful campaigns
Market Research
  • Insights consulting across markets, products, and segments at any time, for any industry
  • Mapping research needs to reach and impact niche and key audiences
  • Enabling you to accurately organize and develop strategies; advising on your brand’s funnel metrics
Brand & Customer Experience
  • Advisory across brand positioning in an multichannel world
  • Managing your reputation and customer expectations via customer experience strategy
  • Consulting on brand experiences that exceed audience expectations and build long-term value and brand loyalty

Research & Analysis


We’re a team of qualitative and quantitative researchers who provide answers, not just numbers.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to your business challenges. As your insights partner, we cover all of your research needs, across markets, products, segments, and brands – digging deeper with customized scientific research methods and design.
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Consumer & Brand
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Brand health trackers
  • Usage and attitudes studies
  • Brand concept testing
  • Customer segmentation studies
Market & Product
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Product testing
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Price testing
Public & Employee
  • Opinion polls and pulse checks
  • Customer journey and touchpoint analysis
  • Employee satisfaction and wellbeing studies
  • Employee engagement and development studies
Custom Research & Innovation
  • Defining research goals and challenges
  • Survey design and methodology creation
  • Handling panel recruitment of the most niche segments, or working with owned target audiences
  • Owning the end-to-end execution and actionable insight generation

Insights & Measurement


We cut through the noise to give you just the right amount of data.

Deploying technical expertise and subject-matter know-how, we organize data points and structure them into outputs. During a campaign, event, or activation, we are able to benchmark impact and KPIs in real time. 
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Performance Measurement & Attribution
  • Measurement strategy and end-to-end implementation
  • Campaign performance audit and opportunity analysis
  • Attribution studies
  • Return on advertising spend (ROAS) and return on investment (ROI) analysis
Marketing Data Science
  • Attribution modeling
  • Incrementality testing
  • Marketing mix modeling (MMM)
  • ROI modeling
  • Advanced sentiment analysis
Web & App Analytics
  • MarTech and AdTech deployment
  • Full-funnel data collection and user journey tracking
  • User retention strategies
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Integrating user insights with core BI systems
Insights & Compliance
  • Assessment of strategy and plans
  • Advertiser-partner evaluation
  • Marketing campaigns and process effectiveness analysis
  • Media buying efficiency analysis
  • Data and policy compliance audits and advisory
Business Intelligence & Dashboards
  • Dashboard development
  • Full-funnel data pipeline development
  • Development and implementation of marketing operations automation strategy
  • Real-time marketing campaign performance tracking
  • Tailored reporting formats to meet the requirements of various stakeholders

Products & Tech


The most meaningful audience interactions happen predominantly online.

Whether launching a digital product or restructuring your digital infrastructure, the sales funnel doesn’t begin or end at your platform. That’s why we optimize internet search, social channels, and internal tech systems to push the boundaries of your online experiences.
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  • Adaptive, responsive, mobile-first website development and design​
  • Website revamping and restructuring​
  • Multilingual content writing​
  • Content Management System (CMS) development​
Campaign & Transaction Microsites​
  • IPO microsite design and development​
  • Merger & Acquisition microsite design and development​
  • Marketing and communication campaign microsite design and development
Mobile Applications & Digital Products​
  • IOS/Android app design and development​
  • Custom web application design and development​
  • Web-based interactive report design and development​
User Interface & Experience Design​
  • Multichannel user experience design and consultancy​
  • User interface design and development​
  • Information architecture design​
  • UX measurement and analytics​
  • Wireframes and prototyping​
  • UI/UX audit and review​
  • Usability and A/B testing and validation

Brand & Experiences


The most influential brands have compelling human stories to tell.

Brands do not merely exist, they shape culture. A strong brand identity has the power to articulate your value proposition and the genesis of your story. We help you find the emotional foundation that your business or brand can be built on. 
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Brand Strategy, Positioning & Advisory
  • Visual communications and experiential advisory
  • Third-party production management and advisory
  • Brand and experience perception audits, focus groups, and workshops
  • Brand strategy development
Brand Identity Creation & Rebranding
  • New brand identity creation and naming, taglines, and slogans
  • Rebrand identity creation
  • Brand roll-out: launch strategy to execution and implementation
  • Brand testing focus groups and brand use workshops
Brand Guidelines & Design Templates
  • Brand look and feel and full sensory brand experience framework
  • Full online, offline and experiential guidelines and templates
  • Experiential & environmental guidelines
  • Online brand portal for brand assets downloads
Experiential Marketing
  • Research, discovery, and workshops
  • Brand experiential strategy
  • Online and offline experience concept design
  • Execution: full online and offline builds
  • Closed-loop experience engagement tracking

CX & Transformation


In a crowded brand landscape, customer experience can be the difference between success and failure.

We provide tailored customer experience (CX), along with strategic and operational voice of the customer (VoC) frameworks, to better understand customer expectations. Knowing how your customers think means you can design an optimized experience to grow acquisition and long-term brand loyalty.
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CX Maturity Assessment
  • Analysis of readiness and capabilities across strategies, people, processes, communication, data, and technology
  • Mapping your organization’s maturity onto multi-stage framework
  • Delivery of action plan mapped to your business priorities
CX Strategic & Operational Framework
  • Developing customer experience (CX) program vision, short and long-term goals, priorities, and KPIs
  • Creating a governance model covering recommended processes, technologies, and CX stakeholders
  • Creating workstreams of initiatives aligned to your business needs and financial objectives
CX & VoC Technology & Innovation
  • Defining customer experience (CX) measures, roles and responsibilities, and providing stakeholder engagement guidelines
  • Designing voice of the customer (VoC) methodology, surveys, and branding guidelines
  • Delivering your KPIs and measurement framework
  • End-to-end project delivery to manage implementation and launch operations

Campaigns & Media


Make a lasting impact with digital campaigns that sway opinions and shape brand perception.

We help you define the audiences that matter most and reach them where they are, with engaging creative campaigns and media that resonate with them – amplifying your business impact.
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Social Media Advertising
  • Social media strategy creation/enhancement
  • Social advertising account set-up
  • Creative production tailored for each social channel
  • Digital audience growth
  • Social performance optimization
Search Engine Marketing
  • Search engine marketing account creation
  • Search advert design and keyword set-up
  • Performance management and optimization
  • Key performance reporting and insight creation
Programmatic Display
  • Programmatic display
  • Media placement selection and optimization
  • Creative selection and production
  • Full end-to-end creative performance tracking
  • Transparent reporting and insight creation
Search Engine Optimization
  • Creation of branded content, optimized for search engines
  • Strategy for website structure and navigation for optimal SEO rankings
  • Best practice web-page tagging set-up
  • Link-building strategy creation
Email Marketing
  • Email marketing strategy creation
  • Email platform recommendations and set-up
  • Creation of template designs for email marketing
  • Content creation for emails
  • Landing page design for email templates
Organic Social
  • Strategy creation for social media pages
  • Definition of content themes for social media channels
  • Page set-up and branding
  • Creative and content production
  • Community management
Offline Media
  • Target audience definition and outdoor media selection

Creative & Production


We drive brand narratives by uniting strategy and creative execution with data-driven insights.

Using advanced graphic and motion design and multi-channel campaign creation, we drive meaningful audience conversion and engagement, on and offline. Our campaigns are never unidimensional; we advise on, direct and execute campaigns of all sizes with 360º impact.
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360° Campaign Development
  • Creative and visual communications advisory
  • Strategic narrative-driven campaign concepts
  • Online and on-ground activation concepts and execution
  • Multichannel execution across strategy, content, and media
  • Full development of print, digital and out-of-home media and film campaigns
Film & Motion
  • Campaign videos, vox-pops, live event videos, motion-graphic post-production
  • Creative and production management for large-scale TV commercials and documentaries
  • Videography and photography libraries – concept and development
Social Media
  • Tailormade and performance-driven creative content
  • Online static and motion visual identity development
  • Platform-specific content and creative advisory
  • Influencer integration and thought leadership advisory
Production Management
  • Third-party print, videography and photography management
  • Live stream event coverage and on-site video production execution
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